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I love the changing of the seasons, especially summer to fall. Football starts, leaves change and the weather starts to cool down. This also means breaking out the fall wardrobe including hoodies and that favorite pair of jeans.

Speaking of those jeans, the way your clothes fit is an honest assessment of progress. Now is a great time to take inventory as you are likely putting some clothes on that you haven't worn in a while.

How do they fit? Hopefully better! If not, hopefully it's because you have developed your glutes and/or thighs with some hard earned muscle and shape (time to go shopping!)

If that's not the case, evaluate what this next season needs to look like so that you can turn the tides and make the next season's clothes fit exactly how you want them.

Of course, if you have to get a new wardrobe because you've crushed your fitness goals then that's a whole other problem that I'm sure we are all happy to have.


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