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I love watching people hit personal records on their lifts, this is especially true in powerlifting. Without question, they are aware of it, celebrate and hit a big milestone they are working toward. This is an obvious sign of progress. But what about the less obvious signs of progress?

While achieving specific results is always fun and cool, what about the progress that’s not as obvious?

Examples of these can and should include habits. Afterall, it’s having the habits locked in place that drive the results. This can be a great way to take positive steps forward without getting overwhelmed.

For example, someone new to tracking nutrition might get overwhelmed if they set their goal of hitting 100% of their macros on day one. However, a better sign of progress would be to log meals everyday. The next step would be to focus on one specific macro like protein. Both of these are significant signs of progress.

Another example is starting a new training program. Instead of worrying about hitting a substantial amount of weight on each exercise, the first thing to note is getting to the gym each day.

Looking for these signs of progress aren’t just for some getting started, but also for those who are advanced and might not get frequent indicators. It is then good to go back and remember when and where you started to measure the real success you have achieved.

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