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Impact Action Coaching was created by Ryan Irwin, who has been coaching individuals for over 20 years to reach their full potential.  During that time, Ryan has helped countless clients reach goals that include improving their lifestyle through proper nutrition and fitness habits.  He also specializes in contest prep for those who want to take their physique to the highest level through physique competition.  As a certified sports nutritionist, Ryan also helps athletes compete optimally in their sport of choice while maximizing strength and function. 


While goals differ from each individual, the common goal for all is to achieve while maintaining the other priorities of life (relationships, careers, activites, etc.)  Throughout it all, the bottom line is to create the sustainable system that makes an impact for the individual’s goals.


The paths to achievement match the uniqueness of the goals themselves. One-size-fits-all doesn’t work when it comes to developing a method to succeed. However, the constant in the process for everyone, whether online or in-person, is identifying the targets and goals that motivates the client, then instituting the program, system and accountability processes that will enable the individual to succeed and achieve results. 

BOOK: Everyday Counts 

Achieving something great doesn't happen by chance. Whether it is a fitness related goal, professional advancement, improving relationships, being financially stable or finding yourself at peace spiritually, all come down to one thing: owning your life. Owning the direction, effort and focus you put forth on the things you want to make happen. This book outlines the steps I have taken to do so in my life. Starting out with my story and then unpacking the principles that I have used to go from a scared, sickly, unconfident adolescent to a pro natural bodybuilder, entrepreneur, author and coach. My goal for you when you read this book is to have the tools and habits you need to succeed in whatever avenue of life you apply them to. To look back and confidently say, you made everyday count.

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During Ryan’s practice spanning over two decades, he has dedicated his expertise to aspects of his own life, including his role as a husband and father to his family, his education, entrepreneurship, competitive bodybuilding and powerlifting.  This theme of keeping priorities in line while achieving results is what he carries over when working with clients.

With his experience of working with countless individuals (from beginners just starting out to the highest professional level athlete) he has created methods that are not just effective but sustainable.  Having been involved in the sport of bodybuilding since the early 90's as a competitor, judge and promoter, this experience has helped develop him as a coach to be able to work with individuals at all stage of life and development levels.  With this unique amount of experience, Ryan helps competitors not only reach their best but to do so in a healthy way that doesn't neglect the other important areas of their life.

Ryan has a BS from Iowa State University in Exercise Science.  He also is a certified sports nutritionist and a certified personal trainer.  Ryan is an IPE professional natural bodybuilder and holds many records in the sport of powerlifting as well.  He is very active in the industry and sits on multiple boards with the goal of helping others make a positive impact on their own lives and those around them.

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