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Ever do a set and then realize you accidentally lifted more than you ever have before?

I’ve seen and heard this happen numerous times. In fact, as a training partner, I’ve been known to slip a few extra lbs on the bar when my training partner isn’t looking, then watch them hit a new PR. It’s also why you’ll see multiple small plates on a bar versus one large plate.

The mind is the weakest link. It’s why elite level athletes spend so much time and focus on their mental game. If your mindset isn’t where it needs to be, without a doubt, your performance will suffer.

Spending time getting your head right has a huge impact. There are numerous methods of doing this, but some common examples: setting training log goals in advance of the session, visualizing success, gratitude or vision journal, seeing victory in others, surrounding yourself with positive individuals.

As with your other training and nutrition aspects, spend the time to mentally prep. Like GI Joe always said: “knowing is half the battle”.


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