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I’m a child of the 80’s, neon, tight rolled jeans, big hair and MTV. While some of that will never come back (hello mullets) one thing never goes out of style, which is eating. However there is a style to nutrition, let me explain.

Just like everyone has preferences in the types of foods they eat, there are preferences in how they accomplish this. For instance, from a time perspective, some are “preppers”. Spending hours getting meals put together and packaged to the very last dash of salt in a perfectly sealed container. Then there are “planners”. These individuals map out all their meals in advance so they know what and when they are going to prepare and consume.

Subcategories of measurement include loggers and intuitives. The loggers have everything logged (usually in advance) to make sure they hit their targets to a T. Intuities fly a bit more by the seat of their pants and then will do an audit to make sure they are within the realm.

Finally, when it comes to variety, there are rinse and repeaters and foodies. The R&Rs eat the same exact thing daily and of course we know the foodies, which thrive on variety.

Everyone is different, but based on the time, measurement and variety categories, determine where you fall and what works best for you. While parachute pants might be gone for good, we can all still touch our own style of eating.


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