With the social distancing and self quarantine in effect, one thing that most of us have more of right now is time! We're not driving as much and have some more at-home time. The question is, what are you doing with that extra time? This past week in talking with others, I've heard many ideas. Some of these include doing yoga at home. Alex shared @yogacodsm is a great resource on IG. Corey talked about he is increasing his reading. Others are expanding their recipe base. Ben shared the website that has great meal recipes (cause no such things as snacks). As for myself, I'm getting my chainsaw tuned up and looking forward to getting outside next week and seeing what I can


A strong grip is a big deal; doing daily tasks, firm hand shake and when training. Your grip is what connects you to most of the tasks that you are doing. On the other hand, if your grip is weak, it will negatively impact what you are trying to achieve. Not only an unimpressive handshake, but more importantly, you will under perform in other areas of your activity. Even if you have the body strength to complete a lift, but your grip gives out, you will cut yourself short. Hand strength is not something that most of us train independently. It is something that should be a side note to our current training. Here are ways you can do so: Use a thumbless grip so you have to rely on your finge

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