I want results fast, we all do! Whether it is regarding fat loss, muscle gains, strength increases, career advancement, the list goes on and on! Motivation is great, but if I am talking to someone who is what I consider over enthusiastic, I start to get cautious and here is why. If something accelerates quickly, there is also a very good likelihood that it will decelerate rapidly too. Lots of scenarios here, the stock market, a vehicle, a company, but also physical, weight loss, muscle gain, etc. When things happen quickly the likelihood of it being a permanent change goes down. When it comes to your goals, look for the long term fix. This means progress with permanence. As the time passes


I just got back from a wonderful vacation and trip. It was so nice to relax and recharge. One thing I always enjoy is digging into a book or two, which was no exception on this one. This time of year I like to start planning my reading list for the upcoming year. I do this in two different ways, a variety of categories and sources of recommendations. The categories don't just include nutrition, fitness and personal growth. I also include fiction and other topics that stretch myself. It never fails I always get takeaways from just about every one. I hadn't read much for a number of years, but the last 5 this has been one of my game changers. I would highly recommend you to do the same.

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