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What you focus on steers your path. For example, when you’re driving, you maintain eyes on the road and following the map. With finances, you keep an eye on your checkbook and balances. While raising kids, you make sure to know their whereabouts. All of these apply to our fitness journey as well.

By having visibility on how we are doing with our progress, it helps to keep the focus and evaluate our progress. Our Reticular Activating System (RAS) keeps our attention on what we focus on. We all know how when you buy a car, suddenly you see the same make and model show up magically everywhere.

To apply this with training and nutrition, keeping an eye on progress maintains focus and effort. Ways to do this include tracking food, recording training logs, looking at progress pics, watching measurements such as bodyfat, scale, circumferences. Without examining these inputs, it’s easier to not maintain the effort towards the results you desire.

Keep your eyes on the prize versus your head in the sand.


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