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Be the ball… A classic line in Caddyshack. While it is humorous, the premise, visualization, is very much a true and valuable thing.

When you can see something with your mind, you are in essence, practicing it in your head before you perform it with your body. Research has shown this and even in something as applicable as weightlifting.

I believe thinking and seeing yourself do a specific activity can strengthen your willpower, mindset and commitment. Examples of this are visualizing yourself going through a training session, doing meal prep, adhering to your nutrition, getting good sleep, finishing an activity and the list goes on and on.

Going through that mental rehearsal sets you up for success in many regards. It’s a technique I use frequently. While I don’t know if I would blindfold myself and try to hit a golf ball, the next time you’re in doubt or need a little boost, go through it mentally first and then make it happen.



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