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Does it pay to be a busybody? Depends on who you ask. Some people seem to never slow down. There are others who you can find firmly in their favorite chair 75% of the time in the evening. If we're talking about fitness, then yes, it certainly does pay to be moving and it's called NEAT.

Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis is basically a fancy way of saying 'the calories you burn when you're moving'. As the name implies, this is outside of your normal workout routine. For most, this is at least 15% of total calories burned in a single day.

Boosting NEAT can be doing things like getting more steps in, body movements, fidgeting, standing, basically anything that keeps you from being at rest. A very common way to track this is to monitor your steps.

When you are working on increasing your calorie expenditure, certainly this can make an impact (especially if you have a desk job). As you get leaner, your body will slow you down to try to preserve those calories, so you will need to make even more effort to keep them up.

At the end of the day (figuratively and literally), find extra ways to stay moving and get after those easy calories.


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