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My favorite meal of the day is breakfast. In fact, it wouldn't be hard for me to eat breakfast foods for each meal of the day, lol. While I know many feel the same way as me, I also know many who aren't a big breakfast eater for one reason or another. Let me break down why I'm such a big fan of this meal.

Fuel. Being the first meal of the day, this meal sets you up for having a full tank of energy for the day. Regardless of what your schedule looks like, you will be burning calories and starting off the day with a quality breakfast will help you handle it best.

Metabolism. When you eat and your body digests, it actually burns calories doing so. While it's not a huge impact to your daily Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), it certainly kicks this process off and 'lights the fire'.

Digestion. No one can argue that having a happy and healthy GI Tract is a good thing. By taking in high quality nutrition in your first meal of the day, you jump start your system and wake up your digestion.

This first meal of the day can look very different for everyone; food it contains, quantity, even time of the day. Regardless of all of that, make sure you take full advantage of this important meal and make it count to set you up to win the day.


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