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Let's talk about the Bio Basics. These are what I call the category of factors that often get overlooked in fitness and progress but are critical for progress regardless of the goal.

The unfortunate thing about Bio Basics is that while simple and impactful, they can also be the hardest to change. That said, here's the list:

1. Sleep: I've hammered this as much as I can and will continue to do so due to the importance of all the things.

2. Hydration: While simple, nothing will cause your body to perform poorly quicker than lack of fluid.

3. Digestion: This is tricky and varies greatly for each of us. What is common though is we know when things are right. If your GI Tract isn't your friend, it's worth getting down to the issue.

4. Stress: The 'silent killer'. Some stress is necessary but too much can break us down and hold us back.

5. Breath: Air is kinda a big deal. When we don't breathe properly (I have asthma, I can vouch for this) it impacts us. Obviously not holding your breath is good but how about proper breath when you train? Or deep belly breathe to help relax and deal with #4 stress?

Again, each of the above aren't going to be as obvious as missing training sessions or macros but chronically over time will hold you back. Get what I call the 'easy points' and put those Bio Basics in your favor.


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