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Let's talk about activation. No, not what happens in college fraternities and sororities but about getting your muscles primed and ready to do work.

When you do a movement there are major muscles and minor muscles involved. They all work together in order to properly and effectively do the work. Some muscles are contracting to move limbs, some are stabilizing and yet others are lengthening to allow the movement.

As I've mentioned before, proper warm ups are critical for performance and injury prevention, however it is also essential to get all the muscles listed above involved that are going to contribute to perform the movement.

By activating the small, large and the supporting muscles - it will ensure everything works the best as a unit. All of us, myself included, have either tight areas or areas that are just a challenge to get activated. By not getting these properly ready to work in unison; we could risk injury and/or a less-than-stellar performance.

The challenging part here is to do it in an effective manner that is both time efficient and utilizing the proper movements. If you ever find yourself doing a lift in the gym and for whatever reason something doesn't feel right, often this is a sign that everything is not properly activated.

While the ways to properly activate these muscle groups are unlimited (due to the countless types of lifts) tools you can utilize are video footage of your training, training notes of when things feel weak/painful and then analyze potential areas that could possibly be better activated.


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