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One of the best aspects of flexible nutrition is the ability to eat foods that are 'off script' and still be able hit your nutritional macro goals.

Utilizing your food log, planning your meals in advance and having a strategy on what you're going to eat are all keys to success.

However, there is something you need to be on the lookout for: the secret sauce!

I've found that when you are logging foods, sometimes restaurants don't count the sauce they put on food into the databases you might find. For instance, if you have 3 pancakes from IHOP, while they might show at 13/59/18, if you add butter, there's an additional 8 grams of fat. Throw 2 oz syrup on, add in a whopping 55 grams of carbs.

The above is just one example but it's easy to see where the sauces or toppings can get you into trouble real quick. Best practice is to either get your food without them (it usually tastes amazing already) or do a bit more research to see if the toppings/condiments are broken out.

In the meantime, keep pushing that variety while keeping the accuracy high!

Extra credit: Who has the best 'secret sauce' recipe they use??


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