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One of the newer trends in the last five years or so is wearable fitness tech. These include Fitbits, Apple Watches, Garmins and others to just name a few.

These certainly have their place in the arsenal of someone who wants to up their fitness game. Like everything however, they are not the 'bee's knees' to connect all the dots.

Advantages include being able to collect and track data such as heart rate, steps, sleep, breathing, stress and calorie burn to name a handful. Additionally, you wear these so it's easy to keep the data coming and they sync with a bunch of apps (including the IAC app) and can help with tracking your fitness.

The disadvantages include accuracy of information, reliability of the device, having to disconnect to charge and becoming another source of noise and distraction, especially since most will also bring in messages and other alerts.

Overall, I think these are beneficial and I use one myself. While I don't think you can completely rely on them, they do give general feedback that can be helpful. Two of my favorites (and I think most useful) are your step count and sleep time.

Both of these metrics have an impact on your fitness plus I think can be recorded fairly accurately. From a fat loss perspective, monitoring daily steps has an impact and I've talked at length about the importance of sleep and it's many benefits. I would highly recommend you turn off the notifications so it doesn't become another constant distraction and source of noise (we have plenty of those).

Let me know below if you have anything you like specifically about your tech or experiences you have, just one more tool in the toolbox!


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