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I'm a big fan of the sun (especially the perfect sunrise). Nothing is better than walking outside, getting a good dose of warm rays, relaxing and letting the body naturally produce some Vitamin D. Problem is, here in the Midwest especially, we just don't get that opportunity in the winter months.

One thing that I'm a big fan of is increasing Vitamin D dosage in the winter. Basically anyone north of the southern states doesn't get enough sunlight in the winter months. This can lead to many things, including having an effect on our immune system and the recovery process (plus those winter blues we all know about!)

My recommendation is during these months, taking a 5,000 IU dose of Vitamin D3. Myself and multiple others have had bloodwork done and while this amount won't put you 'at the top' it is an amount that will keep you from being too low.

Once the sun does finally come out again and we can enjoy, shoot for 10 min of exposure and I also drop down my D levels to around 1,000 IU.


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