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People get excited about the market, especially when large spikes or valleys occur. While it's good to understand the underlying reasons, investors typically don't get too excited as they are more worried about the trends vs outliers. The same applies to us in fitness when it comes to the scale.

Whether focusing on ROL or ROG, we want to concern ourselves with the trendline. When I'm looking at data, I like to go back over a whole month's time period if I can to truly see what the averages are, versus making a knee jerk reaction.

To accomplish this, consistency is key; not just in program adherence but also in the numbers. First is the obvious, which is data collection (can't measure what's not tracked). Logging bodyweight consistently. Second is controlling the variables (time of day, conditions, etc) to help minimize the variability.

Just like the spikes and dips in the market, don't get too excited on the same with bodyweight in the short term. Keep logging that number (all it is) and take a step back to see what's really going on.


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