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Body movement is initiated by the muscles contracting and causing the skeletal system to move. To develop these muscles, we apply resistance to the process and in turn, they become larger to help generate more force.

While progressive overload is a primary principle in this equation, another component is moving the muscle through a full Range Of Motion (ROM). In fact, there was a study done (Schoenfeld/Grgic 2020) that looked at the benefit of increasing ROM while lifting.

The findings were that there was a positive benefit to training a muscle with a full ROM during resistance training when it came to development. In other words, you want to get a full stretch when completing a given movement.

There are two impact factors here. First, choosing movements that maximize stretch for a muscle group. Second, taking that movement through the full range. There is still a benefit to a shorter range of motion (largely due to the increased load it can allow plus a quicker recovery).

Bottom line, don't short change your lifts by limiting the range of motion you're completing on your reps to maximize your gains.


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