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When you go to a restaurant and you have an amazing meal, what is often one of the key ingredients? It's the sauce! There is a very good reason for that. Most sauces have some combination of fat, sugar, carbs that add to the amazing flavor. Unfortunately, these sauces add up quick.

Certainly that doesn't mean you have to completely stay away, but it does mean that you should tread lightly and certainly measure portions.

That said, here are some of my favorite toppings that won't throw your daily intake into a tailspin:

1. Mustard

2. Soy sauce

3. Hot sauce

4. Salsa

5. Olive oil w/spices

As a general rule, you can hit the above and not need to worry about too much. You can combine some for an even more zesty taste.

No need to short on flavor but sometimes there's a reason it's a "secret sauce".


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