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I love fresh air. Nothing beats a gentle breeze, the sun on your face and hopefully hearing some nature in the background (not those annoying crows cawing at you).

There are so many benefits to this ritual that relate to fitness and health. Getting some regular activity outside on a daily basis has been linked to better sleeping patterns, improved digestion, energy levels and even hormones.

Here are some things that I recommend to maximize all of these:

1. Find a time daily that works for you (10-30 minutes).

2. Ideally keep electronics out of this but if taking a call while walking makes it achievable, that would be the exception.

3. Don't wear sunglasses.

4. Concentrate on your breaking and focus on relaxation.

Regardless of what your training goals are, getting these in are a benefit. While getting them done when the weather is pleasant is awesome, don't neglect in those very hot or cold months either, the benefits still remain.


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