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I love systems. These help not only with becoming efficient but also help reduce risk of error. We focus on creating systems in many aspects of life, so why not our food?

Below are some common food systems that you can use to help set you up for success. Note that you don't need to stick to only one, but based on your situation, schedule or for specific meals, one or many of these might help you stay consistent:

1. Meal Prep: Spending time cooking, measuring and packaging your meals in advance so you can 'grab and go'. Can be day prior or multiple days in a row.

2. Grab and Go meals: Have meals that are pre-made (either that you pick up or have shipped to your home) so you can save time on prepping yourself.

3. Guided Recipes: Using a service that pre-plans recipes, breaks down ingredients and can even ship to your home, then you prepare.

4. Meal Replacements: These are bars, shakes or some similar packaged food that you can get at a convenience store or purchase in advance, which are packaged, very portable and typically non perishable.

5. Eating Out: Going to an establishment and ordering off a menu while you are out and about. Could be dine-in, takeout or even delivered.

6. Meal Creation: Creating and consuming each meal as it comes. This is basically eating at home and making individual meals throughout the day.

Each one of the above has pros and cons, so there's no perfect answer. Bottom line, the key is to plan ahead and determine in your different situation, which system best sets you up for success. Of course, if you have a system that you go to that I haven't listed, please share below!


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