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I get questions frequently about fitness challenges. Recent examples include 75 Hard and 12/3/30 treadmill challenge, but there are a whole host of others doing "X" within a "Y" framework.

The common question is: "are these a good idea?"

My view is that to get the full benefit of the challenge but also setting up for success, you want to structure them within your current framework.

For example, incorporate it within the workout you have scheduled already. The 12/3/30 treadmill challenge is setting the incline at 12 at a 3 mph pace for 30 min. So if that's a goal, try 1x per week starting your 30 min session on the 12/3 setting and then revert back to a sustainable pace for the remainder of the 30 min. Record how long you can do the 12/3 pace each week and try to add a minute to it.

This strategy will help you push yourself in the habit you already have developed and reinforce your routine that you have locked in. On the flip side, if someone is wanting to do 'two-a-days' as in 75 Hard but it struggling to get one training session in per day, double down on getting the habit in place first then add the challenge to push the progress.

Challenges can be a great way to push out of a comfort zone but should be used appropriately in context with current goals and bandwidth to set up for a win and increased momentum.


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