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Dedication is an admirable word. It makes me think of hard work, consistency and committed to results.

Certainly this applies when talking about training. But there is a stark contrast between dedicated to train and dedicated to the training.

Dedicated to train is the discipline to hit the gym consistently and have that important habit ingrained. However dedicated to the training takes that one step further and it means adhering to the plan, executing and focused on continual improvement.

Both of these are a great thing. When developing habits, the first step is to dedicate to hitting the training on a regular basis until it's a non-negotiable, similar to brushing teeth or doing the laundry. Once this is locked in, sticking with the program versus a randomized approach takes progress and dedication up another level.

This is where training logs, progressive overload and periodization to name a few, begin to come into play. The first dedicate gets you to the ballpark, the second level gets you a home run.

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