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Remember the last time you bit into a piece of fruit or a sandwich and suddenly discovered that there was a bad spot or worse yet, some mold on it? At a minimum, there is a quick decision to not finish your food, but could also deter you from ever eating that again, esp if you ended up getting sick.

The good news is that this is the only example of a bad food you should avoid.

All food contains calories, which is required to give our body the energy to perform the daily functions we place on it. From there, there are specific amounts, breakdowns and qualities that can impact how well our body responds and performs based on what we eat.

While there is certainly differences in food values and qualities, there isn’t a food that I would deem as completely “off limits”. That doesn’t mean you hit your daily quota eating grandma’s cookies or loading up your plate with bacon every morning, but as with all things moderation is key.

Finding the right blend of quality nutrition along with those ‘treats’ sprinkled in to keep you sane and from opening the floodgates of completely falling off the nutrition wagon is the key. It goes without saying however, avoid the expired products, playing russian roulette with food isn’t worth it.


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