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In a prior life I worked at a bank. At the bank, everyone always dreaded when the bank auditors showed up. Not that anything was being hidden or done incorrectly, but rather all the details and information that was required when they sifted through things.

The same approach should be taken to your food logs.

A best practice is to copy the prior day's nutrition logs over to the next day so you can edit/adjust from there instead of having to create them from scratch each day. This saves time, improves adherence and increases consistency.

However, one downside to this practice is if you have something not correct, it carries over to each day.

I had this happen recently to myself. One day I had increased my peanut butter portion to 48 grams at my last meal to round out my day. I then copied this over to subsequent days, but defaulted back to my normal serving size (32 gms). What I finally realized was that I was under-eating my fats even though my logs had been telling me otherwise!

While the copy and paste method is still a great habit, do take a moment to take a closer look to audit your logs to make sure it's what you think it is.



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