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I like the classic medieval war movies. Knights and archers going to battle. Just when the good guys are going to be defeated, along comes a fresh set of fighters from behind to help save the day. This same philosophy can apply to our nutrition and fitness.

Everyone is always focused (and rightly so) on what we put in our mouths and what we do in the gym. This is the obvious and first line of offense when it comes to our health and fitness.

However, we can get caught from behind if we stop there.

For example, not getting the needed sleep, not utilizing good form or allowing for recovery in training, poor food quality, high stress levels, other habits or activities that deter us from our goals. These are all things that can get us from behind, even if we have an excellent game plan in front of us.

Keep your guard up and don’t let the bad guys come in from behind so you not only can win the battle but also the war.

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