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Traffic circles can be so confusing. You have to make sure you're in the correct lane first, then of course make sure you get off on the right exit to continue on to the destination you want to go. Oh, and watch for everyone else doing the same, often without any stop signs.

Similar to a traffic circle, it is best to determine your primary destination with your nutrition and training goals. If I can narrow it down to the three primary focal points: condition/mass/strength.

These three really dictate what your calorie balance and training focus should be. If focused on condition, likely running a calorie deficit. If in a mass phase, you should be maintaining a slight calorie surplus. In a strength phase, your training emphasizes maximizing this increase with the lifts.

There is crossover between the three. If you are focused on strength, you can either be staying conditioned or adding mass (although strength and mass are best friends). If gaining mass, it doesn't mean throwing away your body composition and just getting fat. Finally, if you're looking to lean out, preserving muscle mass and strength is part of the game.

At the end of the day though, figuring out your primary focus will not only help you get to your destination but get there faster.



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