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When someone is looking to peak, whether it be for a competition or a special event, oftentimes I hear about a specific date that is targeted. What I then have seen is that once the goal is achieved, the individual then relaxes or in a worse case scenario, rebounds, then the process is repeated.

Let’s break that cycle.

A much better strategy is to focus on a season to achieve a peak condition, then transition to the next season of improvement. This not only improves performance but is also going to help prevent the yo-yo cycle that most go through.

Let me give an example. Someone peaks for a competition, but then instead of allowing time to go through a full cycle of recovery and improvement, they jump back into a contest prep. A better scenario would be to peak for 2-3 competitions, then take enough time off to improve.

How about for someone who doesn’t compete in bodybuilding? Let’s say you are getting in shape for a special occasion like a wedding or big vacation. Hit that conditioning, then look to maintain it for an extended period, followed by a reverse diet to help bring the metabolism back up and set up for long term improvement vs just fluctuating back and forth constantly.

This scenario not only sets you up for long term success but also give you more of an opportunity to enjoy your hard earned physique you have worked for.



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