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When going over progress, besides looking at biometric stats (composition, circumferences, scale and more) and progress pictures, another metric that I like to examine is how progress on key lifts are going. The goal here is to see how the graphs look and that we are seeing progress in the gym.

There is an instance however, when the data shows a downward trend in a lift and that can be a good thing.

When I see a graph that is going down versus up, I ask what is going on with that exercise. Nine out of ten times, the individual realized that either form was starting to be compromised, or they were focused more on moving the load versus feeling the muscle being worked.

This is a good thing and something I constantly evaluate in my own training. If the goal is to stimulate a muscle, instead of just moving a load (as in a strength sport), then often after this re-evaluation, the load needs 'leveled up' to be reduced and a better connection with the muscle being worked will be made.

While progressive overload is the goal with training, be careful to not tip the scales to make a bigger emphasis on performance versus effect. When this happens, reset the weight and prepare to hit a all new set of PRs.



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