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Something that I've been utilizing recently along with purposefully having many clients do is intra workout carbs. Basically this is adding carbs to your beverage that you sip on while you train.

The reason for this is your body can automatically shuttle glucose into the muscles while you train, which helps keep energy and performance high. It is also when you are most efficient at using carbs as an energy source, versus at another time of the day.

To do this, there are lots of carb mixes on the market, or RTDs that have carbs. I've been using basic Gatorade powder, which has some electrolytes in it. As for amounts, I would recommend shifting somewhere between 20-50 grams. If you can't get it all in during, no sweat, just finish it off with your post training meal. Often I will continue to dilute mine throughout the training session, so I get a heavier dose of carbs at the beginning than the end.

Try this if you find yourself dragging during your training or wanting to maximize your carbohydrate efficiency.


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