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In order to have the best possible training session, you want to make sure your body is properly prepared. Not only is nutrition a factor but also a proper warm up. Let me go through what I would recommend.

Over the years (yes, I'm old) my warm ups have changed. Not just from injuries and age, but also from training focuses. When I'm working towards a powerlifting meet, I'm going to be longer and more specific in warm ups. For bodybuilding, it's usually more abbreviated.

First is to get your body temperature up. This can be achieved through layers or body movements (or a combo of the two). Note I didn't say cardio (not against it but not mandatory). Next is activation, like bodyweight movements or light band/free weight work. Finally is CNS stimulation or dynamic movements (think plyometrics or explosive work).

Finally when you get to the lift, I tend to do at least 2 warm up sets (up to 4) for compound lifts. For accessories, I will either do just 1 or none at all, based on how ready to go I am.

Don't skip warm ups, I would rather cut working sets down versus skimp on warm ups. A little less work in the gym is better than an injury due to jumping in too quick.


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