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Who doesn't love a variety pack?! As a kid, one of my favorites was the single serving cereal boxes. I think it was 6 or 8 different kids cereals and my sister and I argued on who got the Lucky Charms, loser had to get the one box of plain Cheerios.

While variety is cool (especially with breakfast cereal), it can also be a detriment when it comes to training.

For best progress in the gym, a balance must exist between variety and consistency when it comes to training. In order for your body to adapt positively to training a consistent and progressive stimulus must be placed over time. In other words, you need to lift and continue to push the muscle to improve. However, the other side of it is to not get bored and stagnant with the training to the point of frustration or quitting.

This is where the challenge with variety comes into play. As with most things fitness, it depends on the person. I've seen some individuals consistently chug forward with very little variety and continue to get that one more rep or 5lb jump each week. I've also come across those who need to completely 'turn over the apple cart' each time otherwise focus and motivation tank.

My approach is to delete/change out movements when the mind/muscle connection isn't awesome or if there is a ceiling that has been hit on progress and that movement needs to be put on the shelf for a bit. Training should be fun, but seeing progress is funner (yes, I'm using that word). Find your balance between the two to keep enjoying both sides of the spectrum. In the meantime, I got dibs on the Lucky Charms!


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