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While we do what we can to stay healthy and keep our immune systems strong, sickness is bound to happen at some time or another.

Below shouldn't be taken as medical advice as I'm certainly no doctor, but here is what I do as far as getting back into the routine after getting sick.

1. Don't train if you have a fever: Your body needs rest (plus don't want to transmit your cooties to others).

2. Focus on fluids, electrolytes and do your best to hit macros: Undereating is the norm in these situations, so do what you can to get some decent nutrition in.

3. Sleep maximized: Get rest, take naps, sleep as much as you can. Normally sleep sucks when you're sick but certainly don't hold back if you need it.

4. Get active: This is the next step I take after the rest. Often it means walking more and getting more steps in.

5. Drop intensity to 50-60%: After you are feeling better and back to training, pull back on the effort as you replenish glycogen and get into the routine your first week back.

I love the hardcore/no quit mindset, but the bottom line is to take the rest you need and let your body recover. Always best to pull back versus push through and either end up getting worse or just extending the ailment.


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