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A common theme I hear when talking to individuals about nutrition is that they struggle in the evening or weekends to keep things in control. This is not a surprise for many reasons. The two primary ones I find is most have more activities/distractions thru the day and the other is that most tend to under eat thru the day so they are more hungry at night.

Certainly I fall into this camp too as I always am able to handle/deal with hunger better in the morning than later in the day.

The solution to this challenge is to purposefully backload your intake over the course of the day.

What I mean by this is proportionally allocate more food/nutrition to the end of the day (or whatever time you feel the urge to eat more) so that you have the ability to do so. For me, I not only eat a meal around 'dinner' time, but then one more time before bed. This helps keep me satisfied plus if there is a time that willpower is low, it's when we are tired at the end of the day sitting around at home.

Certainly this applies to weekdays too. Consolidate a meal so that your meals are larger (so eating 4 times per day vs 5) and again, allocate more to the time of day when you have more of an urge to eat than others.

This technique is one of the many advantages of flexible nutrition/macro planning so take advantage and give your willpower a boost when it needs it.


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