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A recurring theme that I hear frequently from individuals is how they like to end their day with some sort of treat that really hits the spot. This can vary widely but one of the most common is ice cream. I'm the same, but I have a twist to it that not only is macro friendly but I swear is good enough to sell at restaurants.

I've shared this recipe many times but it's been awhile so I wanted to do it again. In the video below, I go through my daily intake (which I've modified over time), but if you want to fast forward to 12:45 you can get to the spot I break down the protein ice cream.

I've changed this recipe at times (using graham crackers vs saltines, almond butter vs peanut butter, flavors/types of protein, etc.) but the general formula is always there.

If you have a favorite nightcap recipe you love, please leave it in the comments below to share with others and enjoy that last meal of the day!


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