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"I want to get more healthy!" I hear this all the time but what does this really mean?

Below are the five factors that I use to define health:

•Strength: Ability of muscles to produce maximum force

•Cardiovascular: Endurance capacity to do chosen activities •Mobility: Possessing the range of motion to move well in all planes •Body Composition: Having desired ratio of muscle tissue compared to body fat •Wellbeing: Mental/emotional wherewithal to complete desired daily tasks and activities

Now, I don't know about you, but there are some of these I feel good about, while there are others I certainly could improve. I realized years ago that my hip mobility was holding me back from lower body training. Another example was the lack of sleep and high stress levels I identified impacting my recovery and hormone levels.

These factors do not exist in a vacuum and also affect one another; which can help you keep the overall momentum in all aspects. As you look at your health or fitness ask yourself, are there some key impact factors to identify and prioritize overall?


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