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A bucket list is traditionally the things that someone wants to accomplish in their life. This can apply to our daily nutrition as well, but I like to call it a 'bucket meal'. This means the meal that is needed to finish off hitting your macros for the day.

These bucket meals are helpful as it allows one to be a little low on their macros as they push through the day and then can do the easy adjustments to hit their totals.

Some rules of thumb here are:

- Make the bucket meal easily adjustable for portions

- Something that you enjoy eating before bed

- Tracking food throughout the day

Certainly another strategy is to pre-plan and log your food in the evening and then make your bucket meal somewhere else in the day. Two of my favorite bucket meals are the ice cream protein recipe or cereal/protein/almond combo (although I've seen some very interesting combos over the years lol).

Whichever your strategy is, plan the work and work the plan. Oh, and go for it on your other bucket list, life is short, live big!


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