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A question I get often is: "Can I train my abs every day?" The answer here is you already do and no you shouldn't. Let me explain.

Recently one of my clients had a fairly significant surgery on his abdominal wall - it made a good sized incision that required getting stitched up.

Obviously there is a recovery time needed to let those things heal before working the abs directly. However his comments once he was released to train again were that even exercises such as seated machine chest press, he was still feeling his abs engaging.

I thought this was a great example of the reason I only like training abs two or a maximum three times per week. It is because of that secondary stimulus the abdominal wall does.

The beginning question usually stems from wanting more defined abs. Let's not forget about the old and true phrase "abs are made in the kitchen." But besides that, they are also important for strength and we don't want to set ourselves up for injury, which can be more likely with overuse.

Bottom line is if somebody wants to see more of a 6-pack, that is a nutrition answer versus a training answer. Let those abs recover like any other muscle and your body will be much happier next time you sneeze.


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