Was talking to a client this week about how to structure their refeed and thought it would be good to share to the group.

First, this is something that I will use as a tool to offset a deficit. So that's the first component, you need to be in a calorie deficit for this to be effective. We specifically increase intake (mainly carbs) with helps boost metabolism by increasing a hormone called leptin. It also helps with muscle retention/gain and let's be honest, is also a psychological boost. The amount, frequency and type varies GREATLY person to person. However there are some things that are consistent regardless. First, the goal should be to get at least 60% (if not 100%) after a training session. This helps for maximum utilization. The remaining 40% (or less) can be pre workout or in the meal following post workout, as long as it is within 4 hours of training session. The above is my recommendation for the ideal scenario to get the best bang for the buck. However, if due to constraints or circumstances, there is still a benefit to a scenario outside of the above. Bottom line, use this to your advantage to get the biggest impact for what you are working for. My favorite refeed food is cereal, anyone else have one they go-to consistently?

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