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Portion control is a key impact factor. Especially for things like our friend, Mr. peanut butter here. You can have the right foods, but if the foods aren't the right portions, you can still sabotage yourself.

Back when I had a supplement store, I used to weigh out the serving size of protein scoops. Why? You would be amazed what the manufacturer considers "1 scoop". Sometimes it ended up being a heaping scoop, others it wasn't even completely full.

This goes for whole foods as well. Guesstimating portions can add up and can knock someone out of a calorie deficit, even with good intentions. This is especially true for fats or fatty foods, as they are more calorie dense. It goes both ways though and can cause under eating as well!

I'm a big proponent of using a food scale to weigh things out to keep them accurate. Make it easy on yourself and either pre-weigh portions or choose foods that are easy to measure (PB is not BTW, kinda messy).

This week, I challenge you to legitimize your portions, it might surprise you!

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