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Of the things that I might get accused of, one thing I feel confident in saying is that I won't get labeled as is being too fancy.

As I'm navigating through my own nutritional challenges, I experience a lot this time of year between competitions, family activities, travel and all the things that we are all facing on any given weekend.

To keep adherence with my macro goals while keeping it easy, I go to my basic fall back meal. This simply consists of oatmeal, protein powder and almonds, portioned out and prepped for a very portable, just add water meal.

It's easy to prep and adjust portions to hit needed macros. You don't need to, but if you want to cook your oatmeal first, just put your dry ingredients in a zip lock.

If I do get fancy, I might change the protein flavor, chop my almonds, or add cinnamon or some other flavor. Don't forget the spoon (not fun eating with fingers).

When you're in a pinch, what's your easy peasy go to meal??


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