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TRAVEL TIPS: Nutrition

Last week I talked about ways to make the training happen while traveling, this week let's talk about nutrition. First, this should be easier than the training, because you know you are going to eat while traveling, but the key is to eat the right things.

1. Portable: Get portable options that you can take with you in the car or plane. These can be purchased like protein bars, foil protein (tuna/chicken) packets, but can be made as well (think protein pancakes, oatmeal/protein/almonds). Stuff that doesn't require cooking or cooling is the goal.

2. Protein: Of all the things tough to get, protein is usually the hardest part. Carbs and fat are prevalent, so if you bring along protein sources (or powder) easier to add the others to it.

3. Macro hacking: I'm all about local restaurants. However, some of the big chains make it easy to figure out macros with their online menu. While their portions may not be exact, at least you have a good idea on what you're getting.

4. Planning: If you're in a situation where you aren't in control (think catered dinner), plan your other meals in advance, eat conservatively so that you'll have margin for the unknown meal. If you need to add to your last meal of the day, then you can easily do it.

5. Level up: What I mean here is line up your current goals and expectations with your nutrition. If you're on vacation and you have been working hard, you likely should relax the nutrition and recharge. However, if you're only weeks out from a big goal, then use the tips above to stay tight and on track.

Again, when out of your normal routine, keeping things in check will be a bit more of a challenge but not impossible. Evaluate your goals, put a plan together and keep gaining forward traction. If you have a go-to meal or technique you rely on, please share below too!


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