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TRAVEL TIP: Training

Traveling can be a challenge when it comes to maintaining your fitness routine. It isn't impossible and there are some strategies you can utilize. Today, let's talk about getting your training in.

1. Schedule: Determine when you can schedule your training time. If you have meetings or travel throughout the day, usually morning is your best bet as you'll be more likely to not have a conflict and be exhausted by the end of day.

2. Location: If possible, prior to arriving, find out what your options are. Does your location have a workout facility on site? How about what's close that you can get to, either by foot or car? If you don't have a vehicle, don't forget about Uber.

3. Logistics: I like to do some research if I'm going to go to a non-chain gym. The best way I've found what the gym is like is to look for photos that others have posted, so you can get a visual of what the equipment looks like. Reach out ahead of time and see if you can get a guest pass. Special note, if it's a 24 hour facility, find out when someone will be onsite or if you can get the door code sent to you after you pay for a pass online. If you travel frequently, a membership to a chain gym like Anytime or Planet Fitness can be beneficial.

4. Barebones: Get creative if you don't have a gym option or if the hotel gym is minimal at best. Packing some bands is an alternative that you can always go to. Even though it won't be the same as your normal routine, I guarantee it will mentally put you in a better spot and kick off your day right.

5. Be realistic: While I do want you to set things up and adhere to it, be realistic with what you will be able to do. This could mean only a 20 min training session or perhaps training 3 days per week on vacation versus 5 days.

Bottom line is think outside of the box and don't give up just because you're not on home turf. Again, if you travel frequently, you probably have mastered this and have other tips you can share below, please do!


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