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TRAVEL TIP: Logistics

This is kind of a wrap up with traveling and how to help accommodate your training goals while on the road. Each one of these is important, but decided to lump them all together in aspects that can make a difference on your travels.

1. Sleep: I'm a fan of white noise to help drown out other hotel noise. It's an app on my phone. Sometimes if the AC unit is loud enough, I'll just turn on the fan. If you have a pillow fettish and the ability to do so, bringining (or asking for) more pillows is usually a good thing.

2. Kitchenette: If possible, I like to stay at hotels that have a kitchenette, or at minimum, a microwave and mini refrigerator in the room. This isn't always feasible but certainly something I look for when booking rooms. Often you can ask for a one if not standard and some hotels can make this happen.

3. Food service: Depending on your goals, if a hotel offers a free breakfast, it can be a nice option. Sometimes while the food is less than awesome, at minimum you can grab some fruit or spruce up what you have already brought.

4. Parking: Having adequate parking makes a difference. It's one less stressor and if in a sketch area, the extra security can be a double bonus. You're really winning if you get a great spot and can easily haul your stuff in and out.

The above are a handful of things that while not directly related to your fitness endeavors, can make an impact and set you up for success. Feel free to leave any other travel tips you might have in the comments below and healthy travels!


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