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Today in Iowa it was "Daylight Savings Time" which in the spring, means we set the clocks ahead one hour. The idea hear is since the days are getting longer, we can get started earlier.

While it kinda sucks to lose that hour of sleep (remember, we get it back in the fall) devinely, it was the most beautiful day of the year! It was also filled with sunshine.

The sun gets a bad rap due to all the dangers of overexposure. However, don't forget about the many benefits of getting some rays!

The obvious is our vitamin D production, which is linked to a whole host of positive attributes. Immune system, anti-inflammatory, mood, improved sleep and a ton more!

Don't overdo it, but spend a little time (10-15 min) outside soaking it in. No sunglasses, blocker or windows, just let your body take it in.

After all, we just "saved" some daylight, let's use it!


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