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I've often heard that someone's greatest strength is also their biggest weakness. Certainly I've identified a quality that I have which falls exactly into this.

One of my strengths is the ability to maintain a routine and habits. While this discipline has many benefits, one of the downfalls is that I can be resistant to change. This past week I had multiple ah-ha moments to realize this and put into practice some flexibility in my life in three aspects you might deal with too.

1. Training schedule: I've had the pleasure of training my son for awhile now and watching him progress has been truly awesome. In fact, we are now starting to train a couple days of the week together. This has allowed me to rearrange my schedule such that my two busiest office days (Mon and Fri) I have now shifted into non training days. While this was a shake up to my routine, I'm already feeling the benefits.

2. Training times: Normally I get my sessions in about 2.5 hours after my first meal. One day I had a meeting that I needed to attend at that time so I shifted my training to early in the day, had just a small pre training meal and squeezed my full session in and made the meeting.

3. Nutrition: Since I work from home, I have the flexibility to prep each meal as it comes. However, I often am tight on time when it comes to eating my 3rd meal of the day between clients. I realized that I need to prep this meal at the same time of my second meal to allow for more time and less stress to get it in.

Ask yourself (like I did), are there any areas that you have habitually done but could perhaps do better or change? While you might have something locked down, it's always good to take a step back and see if it can be improved.


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