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Progress comes in many forms when it comes to fitness: improved lifts, increased flexibility, higher intensity, more volume and what some consider the gold standard: the scale moving. However, sometimes we miss the forest through the trees when we overly rely on this.

When the scale is solely focused on, usually the goal is to lose body fat and this is the measuring stick that is used. However, it can become all encompassing and even more direct and objective signs can be completely missed.

As you get leaner, there are details that you might notice. For example, a bit more of a vein showing, some muscle separation coming through, your face is tightening up. All of these are visual cues that should not be ignored and actually are a better indication of progress than the scale which can have multiple factors of variance.

Just as we all carry body fat in different amounts, proportions and areas, it comes off differently and we can see these indicators in different ways. For me, the first thing I notice are deepening cheekbones. Next are veins that start showing that normally aren't there during the gaining season.

Identify and look for the signs you have. It might seem vain, but take selfies so you can track these (posting on social media is always optional). Not only are these signs gratifying, but will help you see the progress even if the scale is going haywire.


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