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I'm not talking about working at a food establishment (although my first job at Wendys brings back memories), but rather how to handle when you are going to go eat out somewhere out of the norm and not fall apart on your nutrition. Below is how I approach this:

First, I plan out my other meals. On MyFitnessPal (and most other apps) you can work ahead. Plan out all the other meals you will know you will eat so you can have your nutritional tally for the day, with the exception of the meal you're eating out for.

Secondly, if you have an idea of what you will order, plug that in your food log. If you want to get really specific, go to the website or Yelp page of the restaurant and you can find the menu to make sure you know what they have.

Third, adjust the meals you set as/if needed to meet the macro total for the day with all the meals added in.

Lastly, when you go to eat, hold yourself to the plan and watch portions. If what they bring you is a larger portion than you know is logged, adjust accordingly (either box it or adjust your logs).

Final note, don't get anxious or avoid eating out with the above. Try it, practice and give yourself grace as you learn and master this exercise. Certainly some establishments are easier to do this than others, but the bottom line is not to just go in without a plan and certainly enjoy the reason to be there, which is hopefully the company.


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