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I love that line, lol... I do also subscribe to the idea of limiting sugar, in fact one of my guidelines is to keep refined sugars to no more than 25 grams per day. But you might be surprised to hear why that's the case.

Can sugar elevate blood sugar? Certainly. Can that lead to other issues? Yup. However, this isn't the primary reason.

If a diet or specific food source is high in sugar, typically the food quality is lower. This means there is less fiber along with less micronutrients (vitamins/minerals/phytochemicals).

When fiber is low, this can ALSO lead to more cravings and less satiety. This combination can then make it tough especially if in a deficit, to control impulsive eating.

While you might be able to fit that cookie into your macros, make sure it sets you up for success and not the first step to a sugary mishap.


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