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There are certain months of the year that I call Pivot Months. These are months where there is a transition of some point that sets you up for what is next. July is one of those months for example.

I say this because here in the Midwest, July is the peak of summer activities. Vacations, BBQs, pool parties and the like. It is also the start of Q3 so we're on the other side of the calendar. Finally, the next month is Aug, which means school starts up and the holidays are just around the corner and the weather starts to turn.

So why are pivot months like July so important?

They set you up for momentum while you have more control versus months that are transitional. When schedules change, weather gets colder, or other factors change, what you do beforehand sets you up for success in those more challenging months. By looking ahead, you come into those months offensively instead of defensively like most of the population (why New Year Resolutions are so popular).

Handle these pivot months by doubling down on the key impact factors you need to win. Also, give yourself some grace for those special occasions without completely falling off the rails.


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